1. Dictionary

2. House plan

3. Dad’s talk 

The Runaway Artist

Notebook with 49 illustrations
graphite on paper

4. Taxi window

5. 2:30 am

6. Pierce Institute

For my senior thesis at Parsons, I wrote and designed a book called, “This Is Really Gay,” about my experience coming out and coming into gay culture in the early 2000’s. Five years later, I developed that book of visual essays into an illustrated novel. Or maybe a novel in illustrations.
    In one version, the illustrations were all photo-collages. In another they were line drawings, like a coloring book. For this version, I drew all the illustrations in pencil in a leather-bound notebook. Like the sketchbooks that I keep. This series is titled, “The Runaway Artist,” about a freshman coming out of the closet at art school in New York. May everyone be so lucky.

7. Dinner spot

8. Alley fire

9. Goodbye

10. School lunchroom

11. Orientation leader

12. Drawing to sleep

13. Neighborhood route

14. Art supplies

15. Diner confession
16. Monopoly night
17. Day one
18. Drawing alone
19. School counselor
20. Still life
21. Workroom table
22. Thrift shopping
23. Gay bar
24. Chat room
25. Gayborhood
26. Christmas
27. Primping
28. Stonewall
29. Dancing
30. Being followed
31. Guidance counselor
32. Figure drawing
33. Ceramics
34. Art history
35. Studio workshop
36. Dream loft

37. Rooftop bar
38. Design critique
39. Self portraits
40. Pickup bar
41. Gay center
42. Historical figures

43. Project plan
44. Letter
45. School party
46. Coffee shop

47. Kiss

48. Brunch

49. Walk on

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