Nest Magazine


Editor and Creative Director:
Joseph Holtzman

My role:
Graphic Desiger & Decorator’s Assistant
My first job out of college — which actually started during college — was working as a graphic designer for Nest Magazine: A Quarterly of Interiors. The magazine was edited and published by Joseph Holtzman on the Upper East Side in New York. I worked for the magazine until it closed at the end of 2004 after 26 issues.

I got my start at Nest as a resident at “Camp Nest” — an experimental show house in upstate New York. A handful or artists, architects, and designers  moved into the property while it was still under construction. We worked room-by-room on the rennovation, interiors, finish-out and decor.
    The house was featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, and the German edition of Architectural Digest. Photos below by Jason Schmidt.

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