Issue 05: The Education of the Queer Nerd

FAQNP: A Queer Nerd Publication


Co-Editor, Creative Director

My friend Ray Cha and I published a zine called FAQNP: A Queer Nerd Publication, which ran for 6 issues. Each issue explored a different facet of queer-nerd identity. We exhibited FAQNP at the New York Art Book Fair and the Brooklyn Zine Fest.

You can read more about FAQNP at Printed Matter, Mag Culture, Microcosm Publishing, Gayletter, Salon für Kunstbuch, the New York Times, and MoMA Library’s exhibition Millenium Magazines.

Issue 04: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Issue 03: A Queer Nerd Travel Guide

Issue 02: Computer Camp

Issue 01: Obsessions

In 2010, I designed a “Queer Nerd Hall-of-Fame” poster to accompany FAQNP Issue 02: Computer Camp. The poster measured 18" x 24", and was composed entirely of ASCII art, celebrating 12 of our queer nerd heroes.

↑ Detail of Alison Bechdel as well as the poster key.

Lastly, here is a rare photo of me Ray exhibiting at the 2013 Brooklyn Zine Fest,  from a review by A.E. Osworth in Autostraddle:

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